Vonnella Shirts

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Vonnella Shirts

Winter warm – soft, durable and breathable.

Sizes: M to 3XL

Colours: Top to bottom:
Photo 1
BB6520-68 Plain Blue
BB6520-35 Plain Fawn
BB6520-57 Plain Olive
Photo 2
BB6521-36B Tan,Charcoal Check
BB6521-60B Navy,Royal Check
BB6523-35 Tan,Brown,Charcoal Check
BB6524-37 Royal,Tan,Black Check
BB653-69 Texture Navy
BB6522-61 Navy,Royal Small Check
BB6522-69 Charcoal,Grey Small Check
Photo 4
BB6537-37 Navy,Tan Check
BB6525-69 Charcoal,Tan,White Check
BB6524-61 Red,Charcoal,White Check
Photo 5
DD6522.80 Charcoal, Tan, Fawn Check
DD6540.69 Navy, Tan, Beige Check
Photo 6 (has the number 3 on it)
GG6543-7 Royal/Camel
6524-61 Navy/cream/Red
GG6546-19 Red/navy/Tan

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